College Ready 2021

by Chelsea Petree (Author), Kristin Austin (Author), Lady Cox (Author)
Unlimited loans, One at a time

College Ready 2021 is an essential guide parents can depend upon to answer questions throughout their child's first year at college!

The first year of college is full of excitement and uncertainty. And this Fall brings additional challenges and stress. College Ready 2021 provides practical guidance on what should be done during the summer, during drop-off, and the first semester.

Chapters address top-of-mind concerns including packing, money, staying connected, promoting responsible independence and supporting academic success. Checklists accompany each chapter so you don't forget anything and don't do things you shouldn't! And the book is full of ideas on how to start those tough, but very much needed, conversations.

College Ready 2021 is edited by Chelsea Petree, Ph.D., who is the Director of Parent and Family Programs at the Rochester Institute of Technology. And each chapter is written by a university official, who works with parents to enhance student success at the collegiate level.

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Publication date
June 09, 2021