Liberty's Journey

A Foster Child's Placement Story
by Padgett,Rebecca (Author)
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Liberty's Journey: A Foster Child's Placement Story is the first book of this series designed to create awareness of the phases found within the foster care system. Liberty begins her journey by being placed in a foster home. This book familiarizes the reader with foster care-related terms and opens the door for discussion about how the foster care system works. If you are a foster parent, social service provider, or therapist, a user guide is included to connect conversation to the story. Liberty's Journey is designed to provide a connection for foster children but can also be read independently for any child. Liberty's journey allows foster children a voice in the placement process and serves as a tool to aid with transitions to this unique journey. Liberty's Journey was designed to serve as a voice to the children uniquely placed within the foster care process.

Publication date
June 23, 2021
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