The Art and Soul of Service

by Stuart Churchill (Author)
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In the search for truth, learning becomes the key that opens up the door of contemporary knowledge. I had no interest in healthcare politics until one day a very influential person challenged me to be part of the solution rather than just complaining. This started my learning journey into the complex world of power games, political brinkmanship and who controls the money. From the government to who provides the tools to carry out care of those who ‘suffer’? When there is not enough money to pay for the care, who makes the decision of who lives and who dies.
The problems now being seen are only the beginning of finding solutions to care that provides hope for all those who ‘suffer’ from both physical and psychological pain. The more we understand, the more learning needs to take place. Not just about solving the past problems, but to get in front and be ready to solve the questions that are going to be asked in the future. Dreaming about what is possible and finding the pathway of making it happen should be the number one priority not trying to fit a healthcare damaged foot into an ill-fitting healthcare boot. Just throwing money at the problem solves nothing, how the money is used holds the answer to reducing suffering and provides hope and care to those who ‘suffer’ every day.

Publication date
June 30, 2021
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