Outdoor Survival Guide

Outdoor Survival Guide

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The expert outdoorsmen at Field & Stream share essential survival tips and techniques in this comprehensive guide.

In modern daily life, almost any information or service you could need is just a click away. But when something goes wrong in the wilderness, you have nothing but your wits to rely on—so it’s best to be prepared. Field & Stream Outdoor Survival Guide is full of skills, tips and tricks for surviving a wide range of potentially dangerous situations.

This volume covers typical dilemmas, like building a fire in the rain, as well as more extreme scenarios, like skinning and cooking a snake. It also covers a few skills that are just plain awesome—like making a blowgun. Geared to the hunter or fisherman, but with something for almost everyone who loves the great outdoors, this is the book you want in your backpack before heading out into any potentially sketchy situation.

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March 09, 2021
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