Top Ten Myths About Enlightenment

by Helen Hamilton (Author)
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So many myths and stories occur about enlightenment that we can find ourselves chasing after an impossible goal. We may waste years along the pathway to enlightenment pursuing what we think it is and not what it actually is. This book is unique and original in that it offers readers the chance to navigate through the stories, myths and legends without getting trapped. Find out the pitfalls and traps along the way and stop trying to reach some ideal that probably dos not exist. Awakened beings have kept to a very simple path which is described for you here. Each time you read the next myth you will feel more empowered to wake up fully to the truth of what you are. You will begin to see that the great beings of the past and present that have transcended the mind were just ordinary human beings. They had no superhuman abilities or powers but simply worked with what they had. Each myth is clearly explained and clear guidance is given as to how to navigate around it. Never before has enlightenment been so clearly and simply described and available for everyone.

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June 29, 2021
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