Christian Care Giving: God's Healing Power

by Priscilla Jaouni (Author)
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Grief and pain is the root source of all that hurts us in life - the ill that is our fraility as mortal beings. This is disease and sickness in our lives: spiritual, social, physical, emotional. Christ in us is the root of all that is good in us; all that is God-given, and that enables us to live and grow through life in a healthy way to a healthy end. The good that is our soul, that we can nurture to maintain God’s energizing power within ourselves to create the balance to be healthy. God gave us his Son so we could learn this - through His life and death. In Christ we have the means for health and wellness throughout the seasons of our lives - that transcends all understanding. The Bible gives it all to us: the Creation, our corruption, the rules and regulations for a healthy, balanced life; what happens to us when we are good; what happens when we are bad. The Old Testament tells us of God’s character and expectations of us; His requirements, His disappointments, His punishments; His presence; His Being in our lives; His hopes. He also gives us the ‘how to do it’. Still, in our human fraility we fail to find, or fall short all the time, of arriving at, His Promised Land. In large part because our earthly self denies ourselves the power God has given us - to operate, live and ultimately die according to His dictum - because we cannot place faith in the intangible. So, God, in His love and compassion for us, and to remain our strict but kind, Father in Heaven, sent us His Son to show us how to be human in the sight of God. In Christ He gave us the gift of how to achieve the health and wellness that God intends us to enjoy...

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June 28, 2021
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