The Cultural Qualities You Must Acquire to Succeed in Higher Education

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The Cultural Qualities YOU must Acquire to Succeed in Higher Education is a unique book that can support higher education stakeholders in many ways. The book is meant to help students understand the cultural aspects required of them in the learning community. Although the book is for all higher education stakeholders (including parents, governments, institutions, and financial sponsors), students and advisors may find it supportive than others. It consists of some evidence that higher education student attrition has increased due to, among others, isolation, and failure to acquire and cope with the contextual culture. The book informs the scholarly findings of student attrition and how researchers think the challenge can be reduced. However, the author insists on students’ understanding of the culture operating in the host institution and the community as a primary solution. Elizabeth believes that students’ integration is the key to their success and that understanding the culture is a catalyst. The book demonstrates the functionalities of culture to individuals and informs the differences between feeble and robust culture. The author emphasizes that students must obtain support from the host institution and the society to be integrated and be part of the community. Elizabeth provides the cultural model that institutions, learning agencies, and students worldwide can utilize to succeed with culture.

The main aspects of culture discussed in the model are those related to relationship (greeting culture, dress code, parties, and invitations), academic practices (communication in presentation, group discussions, critics, reading and writing), and societal values (special occasions, peoples’ positions, and expectations). The author points out many situations and aspects that may lead to student attrition and strategies to avoid them. Elizabeth urges higher education stakeholders to observe the cultural model, expand to cater to the local needs, and provide her with feedback. Reading this book and mastering the practice proposed may empower students to study anywhere and with anybody worldwide.

Information is Power- Receive it by reading the book.

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December 21, 2020
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