How to Create a New Version of Yourself?

by Saib M.B.S (Author)
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The author has gone through several experiences and travelled many paths to bring his knowledge in this beautiful book. This book is unique of its genre. It is the works put into words for more than four decades. Inspiring, filled with knowledge. It will be very much helpful to the reader. This is a book to read absolutely in your lifetime. It is a very powerful guide to everyone.You don’t have to engage your lifetime to dig out the pearls. They are already in your hands. Read, understand & apply. You will see the miracles…..You will see your life transformed in a very short time, for sure even on reading it. And if you apply the guidelines sincerely, you will shift completely and create a new version of yourself.YOU WILL HAVE CONSTANT PEACE, SUCCESS, GREAT ACHIEVEMENTS AND LOVE. YOU WILL GET WHATEVER YOU WISH IF APPLIED PROPERLY. GUARANTEED!

Publication date
November 23, 2020
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