No, My Brother, I am My Brother

by Plummer,Collen (Author)
Unlimited loans, One at a time

My brother was almost two years older than me. I was born June ’56, while he was born May of ’54. My uncle used to call me *ME TOO* because I always wanted to do everything like my brother, so I ended up with the name *ME TOO*.In junior high school and high school, I started to beat him in basketball, and in racing, he was faster in the shorter distance and I was faster in a longer distance. Then I became faster in the shortest distance; that’s when we formed a relay team that has about ten to twelve national records. We ended up competing against each other more than our opponents, and I don’t know why.The biggest achievement as a relay team together was Jesse Owens giving us our medals at Spectrum even though breaking that national record and breaking national record at Madison Square Garden within the same week, I lost a lot of scholarships for reasons I still do not know. You better have the Lord in your life because the decisions and choices you make in life, you are going to need God. I knew that Fortune 500 companies had tuition reimbursement, so when one door closes in life, another door opens in life, just as long as you have the Lord with you; that’s the only way I can make it. Thank you, Jesus! Then I end up developing life-saving products with two patents for Johnson & Johnson, saving lives. God is good. Thank you, Jesus. Witnessing a black man having the life choked out of him for ten minutes by a white policeman is one of the main reasons why I wrote this book, because I develop products that save lives and here goes the white man choking the life out of another black man for no reason.

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June 24, 2021
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