Eyes Only

by J. Rickley Dumm (Author)
Unlimited loans, One at a time

Tragically, she came from the most personal and lowest of places, from a hole in which she kept digging until she wanted to bury herself. But much like the literary Pollyanna, she was able to climb out of that dark and awful pit.

Today, Pollyanna Camp is a troubleshooter. She has the unashamed boldness of a general and the unrelenting jaws of a hyena. Trouble, however, has a life of its own!

Something is very curious, out of the ordinary, extremely bothersome, quite illegal, yet appears legitimate. How far can she go? The more she chases and digs, the darker the pit, a chasm that may take Polly to the highest of places, yet send her deeper, and it's a long way down.


Publication date
August 01, 2021