Back in Those Days

by Amelia Michaels (Author)
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Journey to a time when Singing in the Rain played on the jukebox, when Lash LaRue was the famous movie star who came to town, when the 1948 Desoto and the 1956 Chrysler were not classics. Learn about the Greyhound races, farm life, and spittoons. Travel back into those days long ago when times were in some ways simpler and in other ways not. Learn about a time of laughter, friendship, and heart-wrenching sorrow.

Back in those Days is a humor-filled memoir beginning in 1943 depicting the realities of rural farm life in eastern North Carolina. It allows the reader to relive the narrator's experiences. Lucas Reign "Butch" Ellington explains his family's ties to the famous Ervin Rouse, the fiddler, and songwriter of the Orange Blossom Special. Wonderful stories are shared of days hunting Fox squirrels and dodging charging bulls. The narrator candidly speaks about farm life with tenants and sharecroppers. He recalls his early dating days with his pony and buggy before he received his driver's license. 

This memoir explains the narrator's transition from farm life to his life as a barber, as farm life changed. It reflects on the overshadowing power of suicide. This narration details how Lucas Ellington's mentally ill mother's suicide deeply impacts the whole family. The storyline recollects the narrator's pain of losing his father to cancer, during a time when treatment was much different than today. 

Enter into a time that will change your life forever. One that walks a path into an era too quickly fading away. Yet, a true story that will grab your heart and allow you to connect emotionally. Back in those Days is a memoir for all generations.

Publication date
July 22, 2021
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