The Journey Before and After

by David Spagnola (Author)
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The Journey Before and After is about a young boy who grew up in the San Francisco Bay Area who had typical experiences in his life that many who were born in the U.S. have experienced. But upon reflection, the young boy's journey included unique and life-changing events.

Today's world is filled with many perplexing philosophies that are convoluted and spawn much confusion about the truth of life. People are grasping at straws, embracing the unimaginable only to be disappointed time after time.

What is embraced as truth today would have been reproved even a mere twenty years ago. The question arises, why is change happening so quickly and creating such confusion, uncertainty, and fear in our society? David Spagnola expresses his opinion regarding delusion and its conclusion.


Today's mysteries of life can be resolved; the answer is real, right before your eyes, and waiting to be grasped. The Journey Before and After will put you on the path of hope, where confusion will be removed, and real peace can be acquired.

Publication date
July 17, 2021