Fix & Rebuild your own CREDIT

by Jason Edward Shiffman (Author)
Unlimited loans, One at a time

This is the book you have been waiting for and I am proud to bring it to you. Do you have LATE PAY ACCOUNTS, NO PAY ACCOUNTS, LIENS, FORECLOSURES, BANKRUPTCIES, JUDGEMENTS, or EVEN NO CREDIT??? If you any of these situations you can rest assured that you will likely be judged for employment, denied credit, and even the ability to find a roof over your head. Don't despair! I'm here to help. I make the process of fixing credit so easy that anyone can do it.

Don't pay someone else to do what you can easily do for yourself. This book contains the secrets that every credit repair person would never tell you.

Chapter 1. So, What Exactly is Bad Credit
Chapter 2. Bad Ideas
Chapter 3. Good Ideas
Chapter 4. The Dispute Process
Chapter 5. Let's Rehash What We Learned So Far
Chapter 6. Let's Make a Dispute
Chapter 7. What Happens Next?
Chapter 8. Build Up Your Credit
Chapter 9. Start Your Own Credit Repair Business
Chapter 10. Final Thoughts

Publication date
July 24, 2021
Paper ISBN