The Cancelling of America: Will She Survive?

by John D. Sanderson (Author)
Unlimited loans, One at a time

There is a strong movement today to fundamentally transform America from a country of freedom, liberty, and justice to a nation of large government that controls every aspect of our lives. Our children are being taught to hate each other and America. Our speech is being censored by big tech in cooperation with the federal government and the media. We are being stratified into groups by color, ethnicity, economic class, gender, religion, and political beliefs and each group is encouraged to distrust and/or hate others.We are at a turning point to determine the future of America. The purpose of this book is to give those that do not have the time to do extensive research of subjects, or who do not avail themselves of multiple news and opinion sources, brief exposure to the issues most prominent in driving division at a time when, most of all, we need to unite.

Publication date
July 19, 2021
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