To Whom I Care

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I believe that our tangible worldly life has two journeys: The first journey starts after the apple was eaten… that we won the race in our mothers’ wombs, despite billions of competition. This shows our strength and our ability to take responsibility, so we were created for the second stage with the power of Allah. The second journey is the last, which starts after puberty. This is where we establish our records to be presented with our right hand on the Day of Judgment, God willing. This is where we achieve our victory, by eluding the dreaded Satan and his aides. With this message in mind, I try to represent my experiences in my second journey through this book. Highlighting the lessons from 55 years of experience in working for public and private sectors, and including wonderful family relationships that has spanned for decades. I hope our future generations will cling to the lessons from this book and in coming books, and pass it on with love and real positivity.

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July 21, 2021
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