Healthy Rican

by Mayra Luz Colón (Author)
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The Healthy Rican cookbook is a guide to making traditional Puerto Rican foods in a healthy way. But it is much more than just recipes, it's also a guide to choosing wholesome and healthy ingredients. Mayra Luz Colón doesn't believe there is just one perfect diet to be healthy, or in a one-size-fits-all approach to nutrition. People are all different and everyone has their own individual needs. So the cookbook is paleo and gluten-free friendly, and also includes tips for vegan options. Mayra points out the best ingredients for nutrition, and specific foods that are proven to be easy to digest. She also gives examples of food combinations that work better together. By using a holistic nutrition approach, Mayra hopes to inspire people to choose healthy ingredients and learn how to combine foods in a way that helps aid digestion.

Publication date
July 13, 2021
File size
23 MB