You Are Loved, Spiritual and Creative Adventures, A Memoir

by Alex Cook (Author)
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In You Are Loved, artist Alex Cook intimately relates his creative and spiritual adventures in his quest to create beauty and know God. Anyone longing to bring their own precious vision into reality will find solace and inspiration in these very human stories of a life dedicated to following inspiration. This inspiring collection of stories paints the heartfelt, personal journey of an artist who experiences and observes his inner life with unflinching honesty and strives to live his outer life just as honestly. We share Alex's struggles and revelations as he explores the questions that start to drive him from a young age: What is God and what happens when I express His Love in in my own way? Does God really tell me to go walking late at night just to dance on a hill, travel to Africa to paint a mural or don a bear costume to ride through the streets of Boston? How can I be an artist who is true to Beauty and the Voice within and still pay the rent?

In a series of thoughtful and often humorous adventures, Alex reveals how he grew in his artistic and authentic expression over the years - one inspired step at a time - until he eventually found himself making his living as a traveling musician and muralist. Alex also recounts his four-year battle with depression and the path that finally led to freedom. He talks about the magic and adventure of hitchhiking and how it opened his world and later prepared him to reach men in jail as a chaplain. He writes about navigating romantic relationships and opportunity they provide for spiritual growth. Always he is his own man, defying standard assumptions and praying beyond his fears. This book is a fascinating look at the creative process and how to live a life of courage and love. It gives us an inkling of the ever-expanding journey Love takes us on if we let it, and the profound impact following that path can have on our lives and those around us.

Publication date
August 02, 2021
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