by Rebecca Weller (Author)
Unlimited loans, One at a time

Hey, I need a favour.

I have a bone to pick with you!

We need to talk.

Ugh. Did any of those phrases just make your stomach drop a little?

Former people-pleaser, and author of the bestselling sobriety memoir, A Happier Hour, Rebecca Weller shared your angst. She was petrified of not being liked, of being a burden, of doing anything that might hurt somebody's feelings, and of the slightest confrontation.

Her people-pleasing patterns were evident in every corner of her overstuffed calendar, in her unrelenting anxiety that someone - anyone! - might be mad at her, and in her inability to get through awkward conversations without having a heart attack.

She was less interested in exploring who she was, and more interested in figuring out what others wanted her to be.

Until she finally learnt how to take her power back.

In this book, Rebecca explores the many clumsy, humiliating - and ultimately liberating - lessons along the way, and how each of us can begin to build a deep and unshakeable confidence.

Chameleon: Confessions of a Former People-Pleaser is a book about the danger of giving our power away to others, and the magic of finding our way back to ourselves.

Publication date
August 01, 2021
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