The Wedding Toaster

by Emily Rotondi (Author)
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Twenty-eight-year-old Maggie McDonald is a self-proclaimed singleton. She came close to tying the knot once but bailed out on her own wedding when she realized that she didn’t want to do anyone else’s laundry or account for where the money in the checkbook goes. Maggie witnessed first-hand the heartache that both her mom and Uncle Hor (which is short for Horatio and not indicative of a certain character trait) endured and has no desire to suffer the same fate. But a serendipitous turn of events just may alter Maggie’s fate after all. After obtaining a few “toasting gigs” through coincidence and highly questionable circumstances, Maggie soon catapults to semi-celebrity status. With a profile in People magazine and a shout-out on Perez Hilton’s website, Maggie becomes the quintessential “it” girl: the highly sought after (and expensive) wedding accessory for the rich and (somewhat) famous. When Samantha Chase, the stuck-up daughter of a well-known vineyard owner in Napa Valley, hires Maggie to toast her wedding, Maggie thinks she has been hired for another typical wedding by one of her typical clients, except this time the experience is anything but typical. Samantha Chase’s fiancé is none other than her own ex-fiancé, Jack. Now it seems as if it is Maggie who will be stiffed at the altar, although, quite to her surprise, Maggie finds that her feelings about love, marriage, and especially Jack, have changed.

Publication date
July 30, 2021
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