The Search for Biella Bunny's Family

The Search for Biella Bunny's Family

de Margot Rowe (Autor), Windel Eborlas (Ilustrador)
Préstamos ilimitados, Uno a la vez

Biella Bunny looks like most other bunnies, with a cotton-puff tail, gleaming blue eyes, a pink button nose, and long, slender ears. But she is different because she no longer has a family. During a tremendous storm, she is washed away from them and can’t find her way back.

When she is lost, scared, and alone, Biella Bunny first meets Piper the possum, who promises to take her home and help her search for her family. Piper introduces her to many new friends: Otus the owl, Benny the bear, Fifi the fox, and Hamish the hedgehog. Although they are all very different, the animals are good friends who take care of one another. They help Biella look for her family—but soon she discovers that families come in all shapes and sizes. As long as there is love, that is the best and most wonderful type of family in the whole wide world.

This children’s story follows a young bunny separated from her family who finds new friends and a new way of being a family.

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29 de julio de 2021
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