Guiding Strala

The Yoga Training Manual to Ignite Freedom, Get Connected, and Build Radiant Health and Happiness
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Give yourself—and others—the gift of radiant health and happiness with this practical training manual for yoga teachers and aspiring leaders

Strala teaches us to release the stress that inhibits our bodies, our minds, and our lives. It begins with a mindset that drops the myth of “no-pain, no-gain,” and says our best way to get where we’re going is to feel good along the way. It works miracles for our whole health, as we unblock our energy and bring our entire self into harmony. And we discover how to accomplish far more by learning to approach challenges in an easygoing way.

Guiding Strala is an insider’s manual that reveals the approach and practices behind Strala’s worldwide Leadership Training Program. Whether you’re looking to lead yoga in any style, or find inspiration and guidance for your work, your relationships, or your family, you’ll gain an incredibly effective road map for accomplishing more than you ever dreamed possible.
Special features include:
• Specific techniques for dropping stress, and taking extremely good care of yourself
• Powerful ways to form a positive connection with yourself, and with everyone
• Natural movement practices to greatly elevate your capacity for challenge
• Practical approaches for leading a class, including how to give people freedom for self-discovery, within a structure that leads to progress
• Tips for how to create and grow a business that uplifts you
• Contributions from Strala co-founder and mind-body medicine practitioner Mike Taylor, and renowned shiatsu healer Sam Berlind
Guiding Strala gives leaders in every field an indispensable toolset for uncovering their own greatest potential, and helping the people they lead to do the same.

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23 de mayo de 2017
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