Gemma and the Giant Girl

Gemma and the Giant Girl

by Sara O'Leary (Author), Marie Lafrance (Illustrator)
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An exquisite new picture book from the author of the beloved This Is Sadie about a little doll whose worldview is about to get a whole lot bigger.

Gemma has always lived in a very nice little house, always slept in the same room and always worn the same clothes. A doll in an old forgotten dollhouse, Gemma wonders if she will ever grow up, but her parents tell her she will always be their little girl. Until, one day, the dollhouse is opened by a GIANT, and Gemma's whole life changes. New things are introduced into the little house -- and Gemma finally has an opportunity to leave what's familiar and see the enormous world beyond.

A story that evokes children's classics, Gemma and the Giant Girl is a gorgeously illustrated and poignant tale of what it feels like to be small in a big world and how even the smallest among us can take charge of our own destinies.

Publication date
October 05, 2021
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