Mad ’Cause She Ain’t You

Mad ’Cause She Ain’t You

de Yoshe (Auteur), Rhyan Neco (Narrateur)
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Ebony, Phoenix, and Joi are three thirty-somethings with some serious man problems!

Ebony thinks that she’s found love with Dray, her boyfriend of three years, until she discovers that their relationship is not what it once was. Ebony is not ready to be without a man in her life. Will her trust issues and broken heart make her go back to her promiscuous ways?

Phoenix is attractive, single, and childless. She has a successful career and lives a very comfortable lifestyle. One would think that she’s a great catch, but when her superficial, diva-like ways threaten her chances to be with someone who truly loves her, is she willing to make a change?

Joi gets nothing but drama because her man, Tate, has a baby with his ex-girlfriend. Joi is determined to have Tate all to herself, by any means necessary. Will she finally get her man, or will her ploy to get Tate end up doing more harm than good to their relationship?

Mad ‘Cause She Ain’t You explores the frustrating, sometimes hilarious side of sex and love in the lives of three black women. Find out who learns the lessons, and who will have to repeat the class.

Date de publication
21 septembre 2021
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793 Mo

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