Women Destroy Science Fiction!

Women Destroy Science Fiction!

Lightspeed Magazine Special Issue; The Stories
by Christie Yant (Author), various narrators (Narrateur), Cassandra Campbell (Narrateur), Cassandra de Cuir (Narrateur), Gabrielle de Cuir (Narrateur), Harlan Ellison (Narrateur), Grover Gardner (Narrateur), Jamye Grant (Narrateur), Susan Hanfield (Narrateur), Jonathan L. Howard (Narrateur), John Allen Nelson (Narrateur), Bahni Turpin (Narrateur), Stefan Rudnicki (Narrateur), Molly Underwood (Narrateur), Judy Young (Narrateur)
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Guest-edited by longtime Lightspeed assistant editor Christie Yant, Women Destroy Science Fiction! contains eleven original science fiction short stories, four short-story reprints, a novella reprint, and for the first time ever, an array of flash fiction stories.

This special issue includes

Original science fiction by Seanan McGuire, N. K. Jemisin, Charlie Jane Anders, Maria Dahvana Headley, Amal El-Mohtar, Kris Millering, Heather Clitheroe, Rhonda Eikamp, Gabriella Stalker, Elizabeth Porter Birdsall, and K. C. Norton;Reprints by Alice Sheldon (a.k.a. James Tiptree Jr.), Eleanor Arnason, Maria Romasco Moore, Tananarive Due, and Maureen F. McHugh; andOriginal flash fiction by Carrie Vaughn, Ellen Denham, Samantha Murray, Holly Schofield, Cathy Humble, Emily Fox, Tina Connolly, Effie Seiberg, Marina J. Lostetter, Rhiannon Rasmussen, Sarah Pinsker, Kim Winternheimer, Anaid Perez, Katherine Crighton, and Vanessa Torline.

Seanan McGuire (Collaborator), N. K. Jemisin (Collaborator), Charlie Jane Anders (Collaborator), Tananarive Due (Collaborator), Maria Dahvana Headley (Collaborator), others (Collaborator)
Publication date
November 18, 2015
File size
1.28 GB

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