Basher History: Legendary Creatures

Basher History: Legendary Creatures

Unleash the beasts!
by Mary Budzik (Author), Simon Basher (Illustrator)
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From the deepest, darkest depths of the Atlantic Ocean to the cacophonous canopies of the Amazon rain forest, Basher History: Legendary Creatures brings to life the weirdest, creepiest, and most amazing beasts rumored to have roamed our planet.

Featuring well-known creatures like Bigfoot, Mermaids, and Vampires, Legendary Creatures invites you to journey to the forests of Uganda to discover the fierce Ndalawo, a leopard with a hyena-like cry, or to travel through Mayan ruins to meet the ominous Camazotz, a night-flying hybrid of man and bat. Basher’s distinctive, colorful illustrations bring these magical mythological beings to life, all the while keeping kids in-the-know about the diverse range of folklore across the world.

For fans of mythical creatures, also check out Basher History: Myths and Legends and the rest of the Basher History series!

Publication date
November 23, 2021
Paper ISBN
File size
40 MB

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