Not Our Summer

Not Our Summer

by Casie Bazay (Author), Eileen Stevens (Narrateur), Grover Gardner (Narrateur), Rebecca Gibel (Narrateur)
Unlimited loans, One at a time

Five trips, two cousins, one family feud, and a summer that will change their lives forever.

It’s bad enough that estranged cousins Becka and KJ must see each other at their grandfather’s funeral, but when he leaves them a bucket list of places to visit together over the summer, so they can earn their inheritance, it seems like things are about to get much worse.

However, with each trip the cousins complete, like riding mules into the Grand Canyon or encountering a bear and a hot tour guide at Yellowstone, they steadily learn about each other and begin to trust one another—that is, until the truth behind Grandpa’s bucket list and their family feud is revealed, testing Becka and KJ far beyond their limits.

Will they ultimately find a way to accept each other, or will their grandpa’s wish to mend his divided family end up buried alongside him inside his bright green casket?

Publication date
November 16, 2021
File size
666 MB

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