A Guide to Video Game Movies

by Christopher Carton (Author)
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Have you ever wondered if that game you love was made into a movie? Flip this book open and find out!

Explore the fascinating journey of your favorite video games as they make their way to the silver screen! This comprehensive guide contains information on over forty big-screen adaptations of popular video games, including the histories of the series that inspired them.

Covering four decades of movies, readers can learn about some of the most infamous movies in video game history, with genres such as horror, martial arts, comedy and children’s animation ensuring there’s plenty of trivia and analysis to keep gamers hooked.

With nearly two-hundred full color stills, posters and screenshots, the book is a go-to guide to discovering facts about some of the biggest box office hits and the most disappointing critical bombs in history.

From bizarre science fiction like Super Mario Bros. to the latest big budget releases like Monster Hunter, and dozens in between, A Guide to Video Game Movies should please film buffs and die-hard game fans alike. Whether you’re looking for rousing blockbuster action, family-friendly entertainment or a late-night B-movie to laugh at with your friends, you’re bound to find a movie to fit your taste.

Put down your controller and grab your popcorn!

Publication date
April 30, 2022
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