Infants and Toddlers at Play

Choosing the Right Stuff for Learning and Development
by Mary Benson McMullen (Author), Dylan Brody (Author)
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Play Is Important Work

As an early childhood educator, you know how important play is for young children. You also know that selecting the right play materials to include in your program matters; there are so many options, and often your budget does not stretch to cover everything. With this book, discover ideas for both familiar and new play materials and how those materials support the cognitive, social and emotional, and physical learning and development of children from birth to age 3.

This practical, easy-to-read resource

·       Presents foundational information organized around the who, why, how, and what of using play materials to support very young children’s learning and development

·       Provides suggestions for play materials and describes why they are useful for different aspects related to each learning and development domain

·       Includes safety considerations and tips on a range of topics, including climbing, choking hazards, and interacting with animals

·       Recommends more than 75 children’s books that go hand-in-hand with each learning and development domain

With a thoughtful selection of appropriate play materials, you can enhance the quality of your program by creating an environment and providing experiences that enable all children to thrive.

Publication date
February 09, 2022
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