Candy Apples

Prêts illimités, Un à la fois

Candy Apples is a story that helps sharpen the character of being honest, showing integrity, and being content with delayed gratification. The story reminds the reader to not get weary of doing well. If one can be trusted with smaller things, then one can be trusted with the larger things.

The main character, Cameron, will be challenged by his friends to make a choice going against his principles taught. Cameron will get the opportunity to thoroughly process the situation being presented and the reward or consequences that each decision may present.

Candy Apples will assist the parent, guardian, or leader in forming questions when speaking to a child to help him or her to better understand how to develop the character trait integrity. The story will give the child a visual example of being presented with a real-life situation that requires one to make a positive decision with the influence of peers and a trustworthy adult.

This short story will encourage adult/child dialogue to help bring awareness to positive character. The literature will suggest questions to help foster healthy decision making. Candy Apples can be read, used, and understood by an older child for individual character building; however, it is also an opportunity for a guardian or leader to read with a child as a way to spend quality time.

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11 janvier 2022
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