Climate Change: the Shiny Object in the Room

It’s Not What You Think You Know, It’s What You Need to Know!
by Richard Jones (Author)
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If you’re tired of hearing endless noise about climate change, global warming, and carbon dioxide, then you need facts.

Richard Jones, an energy expert, explores fossil fuel usage throughout the world, examining the current utilization rate, what we must do to mitigate usage, and what can and cannot be done through the substitution of electricity, regardless of how it is generated.

He also answers questions such as:

• How our weather patterns change and why? What is the law of unintended consequences?

• Who profits by calling climate change into dispute?

• What should the automobile of the future look like?

The author also highlights the fact that it is added heat, not carbon dioxide, that is causing global warming. Other topics include the need to generate additional electricity, the economic stimulus necessary to promote the widespread adoption of electric vehicles, and the role of nuclear power.

Cut through the noise and find answers to real questions with the data and insights in Climate Change: The Shiny Object in the Room.

Publication date
January 13, 2022
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