Teaching in Social Work

An Educator’s Guide to Theory and Practice
by Jeane Anastas (Author)
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This book is a comprehensive survey of the theories, principles, methods, and formats that are most appropriate and applicable to teaching in the field of social work. Drawing from her extensive classroom and field experience, the renowned social work researcher and educator Jeane W. Anastas merges “practice wisdom” with rigorous research on instruction and learning, identifying the factors that produce effective educational outcomes. Built around a teacher- and student-in-situation framework, Teaching in Social Work examines the effect of social issues, professional norms and needs, and educational settings on the interactions among educators, students, and subjects.

Anastas draws on the theories and research findings of higher education and social work education literature. She illuminates the critical aspects of teaching and learning as an adult, the best uses of different modalities of instruction, and the issues of diversity that influence all aspects of teaching and learning. The book also engages with ethics, teaching and learning assessments, and faculty work in full-time social work education.

This second edition is thoroughly updated to reflect the many important developments in the years since the book’s original publication, including new accreditation standards, the rise of online instruction, changes in higher-education hiring practices, and more.

Publication date
February 22, 2022
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