American Snakes

by Sean P. Graham (Author)
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“A wonderful book to read because it is replete with snake stories, personal stories, and stories about other herpetologists . . . engaging.” —Copeia

Although many people fear them, snakes are as much a part of America’s rich natural heritage as redwoods, bald eagles, and grizzly bears. Found from the vast Okefenokee Swamp to high alpine meadows, from hardwood canopies to the burning bottom of the Grand Canyon, these ultimate vertebrates are ecologically pivotal predators and quintessential survivors.

In this revelatory and engaging meditation on American snakes, Sean P. Graham, a respected herpetologist and gifted writer,

  • explains the everyday lives of American snakes, from their daily routines and seasonal cycles to their love lives, hunting tactics, and defensive repertoires
  • debunks harmful myths about snakes and explores their relationship with humans
  • highlights the contribution of snakes to the American wilderness
  • tells tales of “snake people”—important snake biologists with inspiring careers

Neither a typical field guide nor an exhaustive reference, American Snakes is instead a fascinating study of the suborder Serpentes. Brimming with intriguing and unusual stories—of hognose snakes that roll over and play dead, blindsnakes with tiny vestigial lungs, rainbow-hued dipsadines, and wave-surfing sea-snakes—the text is interspersed with scores of gorgeous full-color images of snakes, from the scary to the sublime. This proud celebration of a diverse American wildlife group will make every reader, no matter how skeptical, into a genuine snake lover.

“This thoroughly enjoyable book lets readers absorb the excitement of being a herpetologist who works with snakes while learning about the general and specific biology of the creatures.” —Quarterly Review of Biology

Rick Shine (Introduction author)
Publication date
February 03, 2022
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