Card Games For Dummies

by Barry Rigal (Author)
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The perfect book for when you’re ready to move beyond 52-card pickup 

Feeling rummy? Ready to bridge the gap? In the mood to go fish? Card Games For Dummies is your source for rules, strategy, and fun. You’ll learn everything you need to know to play and win at your family’s favorite games, plus a bunch of others that are probably new to you. If you’re the gambling kind, you can get started with poker, blackjack, and other casino favorites, right here. This handy guide takes card game enthusiasm to the next level and explains the tips and tricks that can turn game night into some serious competition.  

  • Learn the official rules for all your favorite card games 
  • Discover strategies for winning at bridge, poker, hearts, and many more 
  • Play easy games that are perfect for the whole family 
  • Get started in the world of online card gaming 

Card Games For Dummies will whet your appetite for play. Start shuffling!  

Publication date
April 25, 2022
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