Summary of Cordelia Fine's Delusions of Gender

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Sample Book Insights:

#1 The more I was treated as a woman, the more woman I became. I adapted willy-nilly. If I was assumed to be incompetent at reversing cars, or opening bottles, oddly incompetent I found myself becoming.

#2 The implicit mind is the process by which we automatically associate things with people. It is not reflective, and it does not require awareness or intention. It simply takes in associations from the environment. These associations may be reactionary, even when our consciously held beliefs are modern and progressive.

#3 When gender is salient in the environment, or we categorize someone as male or female, our unconscious attitudes toward those categories are automatically activated. These associations can affect our perception of others, and our own selves.

#4 The self is a dynamic chameleon that changes from moment to moment in response to its social environment. The part of your self-concept that is active depends on the context. In some situations, your active self will be personal and idiosyncratic, while in other situations your social identity will take over.

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