A Wish Comes True

Unlimited loans, One at a time

Maya, Gavin, Brett, and Blake are having a great time at their community Cinco de Mayo festival. Brett and Blake's mom, Ann, and her sister, Aunt Leigh, volunteered to supervise the pinata game and help out at the drink booth. The kids stopped at the craft booth to make their very own works of art when they meet Mazie, a toucan from Mexico. Meanwhile, Ann and Leigh meet elderly Mr. Jenkins, who is accompanied by a beautiful young girl named Lily. Mr. Jenkins explains that Lily lives in a foster home because her parents died in a traffic accident, and she has no relatives. The two adult sisters thought it would be a great idea to introduce Lily to the other kids. Lily, Maya, and Blake have a big laugh watching Brett and Gavin get messy in the Macho Nacho contest. While the boys are cleaning up after the contest, Mazie watches as Lily throws a coin in the water fountain and hears her heartfelt wish. Mazie had noticed that Leigh and Lily had a special connection and secretly plants a seed that inspires a wonderful ending.

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May 10, 2022
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