Summary of Amartya Sen's Identity and Violence

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Sample Book Insights:

#1 The sense of identity can be a source of strength and confidence, but it can also be a source of exclusion and even violence. It can help us warmly welcome others, but it can also lead to the exclusion of others.

#2 The world is full of examples of how identity conflicts can lead to violence. For example, the Sudanese Islamic identity combined with exploitation of racial divisions to lead to the raping and killing of unarmed victims in the south of that militarized polity.

#3 We must recognize the power of competing identities to challenge the force of a bellicose identity. We must also understand that none of our identities is supreme, and that we can choose which ones we want to be a part of and which ones we want to ignore.

#4 The existence of choice does not mean that there are no constraints restricting choice. Every choice in any field is made within particular limits. The freedom to determine our loyalties and priorities between the different groups to which we may belong is a particularly important liberty that we should recognize, value, and defend.

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May 13, 2022
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