Ava the Monster Slayer: Cousin Power

Ava the Monster Slayer: Cousin Power

by Lisa Maggiore (Author), Ross Felton (Author)
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Ava (and Piggy) are back! “The combination of tenderness for stuffed companions and the fierce bravery required to rescue them is fun and refreshing.” —Kirkus Reviews

Ava proved she’s a fierce monster slayer after defeating the ferocious basement monsters to save her favorite stuffed animal, Piggy, in Ava the Monster Slayer: A Warrior Who Wears Glasses.

Now, Ava must gather her courage once again as she gets ready to attend an overnight camp for the first time. She and her cousin, Sophia, are scared of being away from home, but they take comfort in Piggy and Sophia’s Teddy being by their sides.

After an evening hike, Ava and Sophia return to their cabin and discover Piggy and Teddy are gone! The girls refuse to leave their beloved stuffed animals outside overnight and quickly devise a rescue mission.

Ava knows that they’ll have to be fierce when they face the monsters lurking in the dark woods. The girls don’t have weapons to help them confront the monsters (Ava’s warrior sword is at home!), so they make their own using rubber bands, a hanger, and candy.

Not even the growls or the stinky smells of the creatures in the woods are going to stop them in their quest. Ava and Sophia are determined to rescue Piggy and Teddy—no matter what.

“The tale is just a little scary, and the illustrations perfectly heighten the fear, fierceness, and love with atmospheric darkness, scary monsters, and the right amount of color to lighten things up.” —School Library Journal

“An engaging addition to any child’s book collection.” —Windy City Reviews

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May 17, 2022
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