Bronto's Search for Dad

Bronto's Search for Dad

by Marisa Vestita (Author)
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Follow along with a baby brontosaurus and his three dinosaur friends in their search in this delightful picture book.

In this charming new series of books, parents and their children can enjoy the adventures of four baby dinosaur friends. With full-color illustrations and easy-to-understand language, children can learn valuable lessons about facing new experiences, confronting their fears, and what they need to do to grow up big and brave—just like the dinosaurs!

Bronto is very worried—he can’t find his dad! Luckily, this baby dino has three very good friends who are more than willing to help him with his search. Terri the Pterodactyl flies over the forest while Trixie the Triceratops and Rex the T-Rex help look for clues. Together, can the four baby dinosaurs follow in Dad’s footsteps and solve the mystery?

This colorful board book is perfect to give as a gift or to read to your young children at bedtime. The adorable art and soothing story in will reassure every child who has ever felt anxious about a lost parent.

Publication date
May 17, 2022
Paper ISBN
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46 MB

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