To My Rosy World

de JjaiRosewood (Auteur)
Prêts illimités, Un à la fois

My Rosy World, is an introduction into my world. "Meditative oracy" is the frame of the book; a letter written to myself from myself, an extension from "" Awakening the communication flawlessly. This train of thought executes the exercise of how words flow and projects them onto the raw indifference of perceptive intercommunication and reality. Negativity creates. Positivity creates. Being a civilized savage; negativity and positivity war. The focus of awareness within the aura, ruthlessly annihilates. When negativity and positivity dance, the sound becomes communication and imagination within the silences of my being. My Rosy World is a message. Peace, silence, happiness and freedom is the answer and the weapon. My Rosy World is the alchemy between communication, imagination, wisdom, and reality. "Perception is Reality" These silences are within the warriorship of learning silence, I am a poet warrior and this world is my word. .

Date de publication
16 mai 2022
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