Around-the-World Family

Stories of Adventure & Grace
by John J. Norton (Author)
Unlimited loans, One at a time

Over the course of nine years, our family circumnavigated the globe four times. We led teams of college students on academic, missional adventures that involved learning about culture, literature, and the relentless love of God in beautiful communities all around the world. The stories in this collection recount moments when we experienced the goodness of God on the shoulder of a friend. These are moments when we found ourselves needing to depend upon our team or on the community around us. These beautiful moments occurred when doubts and discomfort threatened to capsize our adventure, yet by an unexpected miracle of God, we were able to see differently, navigate obstacles, and take hold of a deeper sense of trust and understanding. In these moments we did not possess the necessary materials, knowledge, or strength, yet because of the grace of God, expressed through the strength and goodness of friends, we found the tools to continue adventuring.

Adam Lee R. (Introduction author)
Publication date
June 21, 2022
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