Summary of Mitchell L. Gaynor's The Healing Power of Sound

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#1 I had been recommended to Margaret by her surgeon, as she was having a hard time making decisions regarding her chemotherapy. I asked her to let me guide her through a meditation, in which she would give voice to the sound of the hurt she had carried since her father’s death and her mother’s emotional collapse.

#2 I have been using sound, usually the sound produced by quartz crystal bowls, in my medical practice for the last six years. It has changed the way my patients and I view ourselves and the healing process.

#3 Sound has been shown to be healing on many different levels. It can help with relaxation and mind-body healing, and it can also promote healing at the deepest levels of being.

#4 The intellectual and spiritual godfather of sound medicine was Pythagoras, who lived from about 580 to 500 B. C. E. He was the first person to take an organized approach to using music as a healing technique. He noticed that some sequences of hammer blow sounds were more pleasing to the ear than others, which inspired him to create the musical scales.

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May 23, 2022
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