Queen's Man: of Balance

by AnnaMarieAlt (Author)
Unlimited loans, One at a time

To avert a devastating war, Great Queen Rejeena must prove to male-centric Mainlanders enholdment has been abolished on Kriiscon. During the conference, the goddess LaSheena reveals to Rejeena a great truth, the answer to many enflaming hurdles dividing persons, communities, races, religions, and nations—possibly the answer to peace everywhere for all time. A simple concept, but how can she present it, thereby convincing others to believe, accept and utilize?

Rejeena aborns a son. A Kriisconian Great Queen cannot keep a son; but Aarvan will not tolerate such rejection. Can queen and queen’s man find a solution to this predicament?

Despite all Rejeena’s and Aarvan’s endeavors, Mainland warships, carrying thousands of soldiers armed with cannons and guns, attack Kriiscon to conquer, force upon the island their fanatic religion and intrusive culture. What can Kriiscon offer to combat such determined, superior forces? Simultaneously, the lifelong feud between Rejeena and Ishtabarra demands resolution, a battle to the death. Dare she indulge?

After years of sacrifice and effort by Kriisconians—women, men and glaalets—to integrate as a peaceful island, how can Rejeena and Aarvan prevent it all shattering into a crushing, calamitous defeat?

Publication date
May 18, 2022
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