Nutrients, Vitamins, Mineral and Hydration for Health Restoration

by Dr. N. E. Ahajumobi (Author)
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Is it really possible to significantly restore health through balanced nutrition?
Dr. N. E. Ahajumobi establishes that link in this groundbreaking work that paves
the way for individuals to overcome chronic conditions and promote healing. She
maintains that a significant health restoration is achievable through the optimum
consumption of macronutrients, vitamins, minerals, and water.
With the proper guidance, you can:
• bolster the functioning of your immune system;
• overcome common problems such as high blood pressure and obesity;
• add years and years to your life.
Even the author’s own mother used the methods in this book to overcome obesity
and hypertension to the point where she was able to resume her normal activities,
which included intensive farming. The author herself benefitted as well, overcoming
digestive problems.
Whether you want to improve your own health, help a loved one, or guide a patient,
this guide will serve as a critical resource in restoring health.

Publication date
May 18, 2022
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