Just Because You Have Loss, Doesn't Mean You Can't Win:

Just Because You Have Loss, Doesn't Mean You Can't Win:

A Children’s Grief Book About Love and Loss
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“Just Because You Have Loss, Doesn’t Mean You Can’t Win: A Children’s Grief Book About Love and Loss” focuses on the emotional struggles we may face after losing a loved one. Often, the emotional struggles associated with grief are overlooked when it is being experienced by our youth. The story takes the readers through the thoughts and emotions experienced from the perception of a young boy, after losing his father. He will ultimately realize that despite his loss, he can still be successful in life and happy.

When a little boy’s father dies, he doesn’t know what to do with all his sad feelings. Even though he wants to be happy more than anything, his emotions tell him he should run and hide.

Losing his father has made the boy change into something he does not understand. While battling his unfamiliar feelings and wondering why he has to be so different, the boy suddenly hears his father’s soft voice whispering in his ear that he will always be nearby. As the boy learns that it’s okay to cry, feel mad, and get frustrated, he also discovers strength in the knowledge that his father is with him in spirit, quietly encouraging him to find joy and success in life.

In this story for children of all ages, a little boy learns to navigate through all the unfamiliar feelings of grief while realizing that his father’s unconditional love never dies.

Publication date
May 18, 2022
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