Yeshua and the Law Vs Paul the False Apostle

...The Very False Apostle Yeshua Commended the Ephesians for Rejecting in Revelation 2:2
by Scott Nelson (Author)
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Is God good? Is He Just? Has He predetermined who will be saved and who will not …or has He limited His control and knowledge? The debate has raged for centuries. Logic tells us that God can’t both know and not know what man will do …yet the Bible clearly teaches both! As long as Christianity embraces the infallibility of the Bible, it is forced to live with the dichotomy. But what if one of these positions has its origins in a Biblical author who was a fraud? Yeshua and The Law versus Paul the False Apostle boldly goes where Christianity is forbidden and exposes the truth about Paul. In this book you will also discover that attaining eternal life is easy, there are TWO books of life, God is righteous in everything He’s ever done, and most importantly …He is truly to be loved and adored for His Character.

Publication date
May 16, 2022
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