Summary of Daniel N. Stern, M.D. & Nadia Bruschweiler-Stern, M.D.'s The Birth Of A Mother

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#1 During pregnancy, you begin to develop an idea of the mother you might become. You also start to develop a mental picture of what your baby will be like. You are preoccupied with questions such as who your baby will be, how you will be as a mother, and how your perceptions about yourself and your life will change.

#2 The process of imagining a baby’s traits is a mother’s way of preparing for the situations she will soon find herself in. It is a helpful and creative way to prepare for the situations you will soon find yourself in.

#3 The imagining process is different for every mother. Some need more than three months to assimilate the fact that they are pregnant, while others announce their pregnancy at the third month.

#4 The mother starts to dismantle and even hide the imagined baby from herself during the eighth and ninth months of pregnancy. She does this to protect the real baby and herself from large discrepancies between the expectations she created in her mind and the reality of the baby.

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May 25, 2022
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