The Spirituality of Success

Getting Rich with Integrity
de Vincent M. Roazzi (Auteur)
Prêts illimités, Un à la fois

The twentieth anniversary release of the classic guide that “shows us not only how to achieve emotional and financial success but also how to maintain it” (Patti Breitman, coauthor of How to Say No Without Feeling Guilty).

Through the wisdom of a life spent overcoming his own adversity and helping others, Vincent Roazzi reminds us that accumulating success while maintaining a spiritual center are not mutually exclusive goals. The Spirituality of Success demonstrates that success is a science and explains its principles. The author also dispels many popular myths of achievement and reveals the reasons why success eludes most people. Why haven’t you achieved the success you desire? Here are just a few reasons: Success is not logical. Failure is a learned treat. Your expectations become your excuses. This Twentieth Anniversary reprint edition celebrates the author’s timeless advice that has been enjoyed in sixteen languages and distributed across twenty-six countries.

“The book offers plenty of inspirational directives to stop daydreaming about the lottery and start planning for the future.” —Publishers Weekly

“Focuses on spiritually appropriate means to achieve economic success, but the purpose of that success is not neglected . . . The true key to personal success is impersonal altruism.” —The Theosophical Society

Date de publication
24 mai 2022
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