Summary of Philip Shepherd's Radical Wholeness

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Sample Book Insights:

#1 The most obvious impediment to my taking the path less traveled was money. I didn’t have any to speak of, but I was equipped with the reasoning ability of an 18-year-old, which suggested that if I could get to London and buy a bicycle, I would eventually arrive in Japan.

#2 The instructions of the Story aren’t reasonable. They aren’t accountable. They are largely hidden. And they often have nothing to do with the truth of the world. Yet, they still feel right to us.

#3 I cycled across Europe, and when I returned home, I felt like everything was different. I had the greatest gift of all: the ability to see the strands of the web that had bound me. I began to question them.

#4 I had a difficult time adjusting to the life I had in America after my bike trip. I wanted to understand the nature of the Story of my culture, and acquire freedom of choice in the matter. I began questioning gravity without ever experiencing anything else.

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