Full Scale Plant Optimization in Chemical Engineering

A Practical Guide
by Zivorad R. Lazic (Author)
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Chemical engineers are a vital part of the creation of any process development—lab-scale and pilot-scale—for any plant. In fact, they are the lynchpin of later efforts to scale-up and full-scale plant process improvement. As these engineers approach a new project, there are three generally recognized methodologies that are applicable in industry generally: Design of Experiments (DOE), Evolutionary Operations (EVOP), and Data Mining Using Neural Networks (DM).

In Full Scale Plant Optimization in Chemical Engineering, experienced chemical engineer Zivorad R. Lazic offers an in-depth analysis and comparison of these three methods in full-scale plant optimization applications. The book is designed to provide the basic principles and necessary information for complete understanding of these three methods (DOE, EVOP, and DM). The application of each model is further described.

Full Scale Plant Optimization readers will also find:

  • A thorough discussion of the advantages, disadvantages, and applications of the different simulation methods for process and plant optimization
  • An overview of the tools that responsible operators and engineers utilize in deciding between different simulation models
  • Particular attention is given to the simple but powerful technique Evolutionary Optimization or EVOP, which provides the experimental tools for the ideal full scale plant optimization

Full Scale Plant Optimization is a useful reference for all chemists in industry, chemical engineers, pharmaceutical chemists, and process engineers.

Publication date
May 27, 2022
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