Ghosts of the Shephelah, Book 5

by James K. Stewart (Author)
Unlimited loans, One at a time

Join Eve as she recalls waking on that first morning in the garden of Eden; working hand-in-hand with Adam discovering and naming much of God's creation. Experience the joy of living in paradise before their fateful encounter with Serpent. Learn the hard lesson of free will and why it led to their eviction.

Experience the horror of needless death as jealousy claims the life of Abel. Travel with Eve as she reunites with Cain in a new land. Feel the joy of a grandparent as she tells of Enoch and his skill as a builder. Understand God's sorrow in calling Noah to build an ark, that the earth might be washed clean of rampant immorality and why the sons of Noah were sent to the nations. Identify with her pride as Ham sets out to bring the flood story to Egypt but rescues an Oromo princess and helps her escape to Ethiopia. Sadly, Eve's ghost watches Nimrod murder his brother and flee to Mesopotamia, to the land where Cain had murdered Abel. Learn how Nimrod built a small army, became king in Ur of the Chaldees through cold-blooded murder, and then challenged the gods.

Publication date
May 24, 2022
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